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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  August 12, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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have a great week. fox news sunday is a presentation of fox news . a fox urgent. we are moments away from a major home coming for vice presidential candidate paul ryan. the wisconsin congressman not coming back to h his home state quite the same way that he left as you know. we will bring you the rally live from waukesha when governor mitt romney and his newly named running mate take the stage. this is "the fox report." i'm harris faulkner. first, new reaction to governor romney's pick from someone who was in the same place four years ago. arizona senator john mccain. you will recall back in 2008 mccain named former alaska governor sarah palin as his running mate. and today on "fox news sunday" mccain talking about any
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comparisons he might see. some call both choices bold ones. mccain with nothing but praise for the congressman. >> i think in this case it was also a bold choice. many people thought that other people being considered might bring home those states into the romney column. i think this is a bold choice as well and i think it is a good matchup because of paul ryan's ability to carry a romney agenda through the congress of the united states. >> harris: meanwhile, president obama commenting on the choice. more on that for you in a moment. earlier today the president's top campaign strategist saying mr. romney's v.p. pick will set the country back this is a prescription for economic catastrophe. what is surprising is having been part of the first catastrophe that congressman ryan thinks we should double down on the policy and do it all over again. >> harris: governor romney and congressman ryan touring the nation by bus, rallying earlier
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today in north carolina. moments away at the top of the newscast the team set to take the stage at the waukesha county expo center. carl cameron is traveling with them. carl, just over your shoulder, the stage is set and a the crowd is in motion and we are just moments away. >> reporter: this is is to be the big home coming for wisconsin's own paul ryan, the newly minted vice presidential nominee and, of course, the congressman from janesville down on the southern border of wisconsin. a busy day for the republican ticket. they began in north carolina with massive crowds and tens of thousands -- 10,000 in one particular instance and to the extent that romney wanted to pick a running mate who would help him focus the national debate on issues like the size of government, balancing the budget, and righting the economy. it appears to have alread worked. even president obama mentioned ryan and called him the idealogiccal leader of the republican party and welcomed him to the race. both ryan and romney make the argument that fiscal issues,
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budgetary and economic issues are central and center to the campaign. listen. >> the history books there are common characteristics of what makes a great leader. a person with a bedrock of principles. a person with a moral compass. a person with a vision. and a person who has the skills and the experience to put that vision into place. guess what? sounds like this guy, doesn't it? >> this nation is facing some critical challenges because of some choices that have been made that weren't very good choices. some of those choices were made by republicans even and a lot by democrats. we spent too much money. we spent money we didn't have. i think it is not just bad economics to do that. i think it is immoral for us to pass on burdens to the next generation. >> and the senior congressman from wisconsin just a moment ago in his announcement was looking forward to the two some
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coming and giving their remarks. he said the selection of paul ryan is controversial and will cause some pain, pain that is ness to do what is right and get the government and the country paying its bills and turning the economy around. >> harris: i'm curious how many people might be venturing from the congressman's hometown as well. janesville is not that far away. and waukesha is not in his district, but his hometown is. >> a big crowd here, easily a couple of thousand. this will be the last time that the two campaign together for dwight some time. after tonight's welcome home rally to the vice presidential nominee they will split and go different directions. tomorrow, mr. ryan campaigning in the battleground swing state of iowa where areas mr. romney will be heading down florida for campaign events and subsequently to ohio. they will stay apart, doubling up campaign voices and fund raising capacity until the end of the month when they will be reunited at the republican convention is in tampa and formally and officially get
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nominated as the presidential and vice presidential ticket. that is still two and a half weeks away. >> just a few minutes away we are expecting congressman paul ryan to take the stage. i want to say that senator ron johnson will speak. republican national committee chairman reince preibus will speak. and governor walker will do the announcement. >> when the ticket comes to town councilmen and selectsman to parade out to the podium. we have been hearing several and we have several more. the crowd has promised mitt romney and paul ryan wil be the headliner. >> harris: we will come back as the news warrants. i want to tell our viewers that we are on it and we will break away from whatever we are doing to get there.
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thanks. we are hearing from president obama for the first time about governor romney's choice for are v.p. the president campaigning in chicago today saying he wanted to welcome congressman ryan to the race but then called ryan the aid idealogical leader. >> saying governor romney's decision highlights the fundamental choice americans will make in november. >> congressman ryan is a decent man. he is is a family man. he is an articulate spokesman for governor romney's vision. but it is a vision that i fundamentally disagree with. >> harris: the attacks coming from the presidents campaign, though. how to targeting congressman ryan painting him as a medicare slasher and bad news for the middle class, their words. ed, i had a coach in college who used to say play nice before the game begins and then hit them hard.
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>> the president staying seemingly above the political fray and that was a mild and even polite welcome to congressman ryan. >> absolutely. because the bottom line is that the strategy from the obama campaign is keep the commander in chief above the fray as you say. let the others go out there and slash him and call him a radical. but instead for the commander in chief, you know, in recent days there have been questions about the president's likability rating which is much better than mitt romney's but a question has been will it come down now because of the slashing negative attack ads we have seen from the democratic side against mitt romney so the last thing they want to do is have the president go out there and get in the mud with paul ryan. instead the president is framing this as is a choice. take a listen. >> it is not just a choice between two candidates or two political parties. more than any other election this is a choice about two different visions for the country. for two different directions is of where america should go.
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>> reporter: and this is what the obama camp has wanted all along. so so-called choice election between the two rather than a referendum election which will be about jobs and deficits and the president's performance over the last three and a half four years. they want this battle in chicago that is where this fundraiser was by the way. the president was polite. at one point some in the crowd were booing when they heard paul ryan's name. the president shushed them down and said he is a good guy and a family man. >> harris: we heard from david axel rod ar already in the newscasts. other surrogates pretty much going with it all against congressman ryan. >> reporter: you were talking about having a coach and dealing with it that way. what about good cop/bad cop. the president is the good cop and david axelrod is the bad cop. slashing away saying that congressman ryan who is in boyish figure, so nice, he is
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saying deep down he is a radical. take a listen to axelrod. >> i think governor pawlenty is an able candidate and i -- you know, i really didn't it think that governor romney would go so far to satisfy the most try dent voices in his party that he would pick someone who is so demonstrably a right wing idealogue but i was wrong about that. >> reporter: he is trying to use the contrast with the minnesota nice of tim pawlenty. someone who also was in the veep stakes and trying to say ryan is much more hard edged. campaign carl mentioned paul ryan will be in iowa tomorrow. the president is also there on a three day bus tour that starts tomorrow. both men at dueling campaign events. >> harris: and just a little more than, what, 86 and a half days until the election but who is counting, right?
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>> reporter: you are. >> harris: you bet, ed henry, thank you very much. we are now awaiting congressman paul ryan's home coming into wisconsin as we said. the first time he has been back in his home state since yesterday's announcement. looking now live. this is waukesha where the crowd is waiting as well as you can see. keep watching. when this event begins you will see he it live coming up inside "the fox report." you know our campaign carl cameron is there as well. and let's take a look now at one of our navy ships. damaged. near one of the most hostile waterways in the world, the persian gulf straight of hormuz. the question what caused this gaming hole? the answer when we return. stay close.
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place, janesville, wisconsin. this is just a few miles up the road. people are gathered there and we promise to bring you this event live, this home coming tonight as soon as it takes place just a few minutes away and something we are watching. we do want to bring you other things making news on this sunday night. evangelist. >> bill: evangelist billy grahn the hospital. he was admitted to a north carolina hospital for infection in his lungs thought to be bronchitis. he is resting comfortably and receiving antibiotics. his staff says his health has been good since his last release from the hospital. he has met every u.s. president since world war ii. one of the u.s. navy's guided missile destroyser collided somehow with an oil tanker in the persian gulf outside the strategic strait of hormuz. the navy saying the uss porter
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and a japanese owned oil tanker collided leaving our ship with a huge hole in its starboard side. the cause of the collision under investigation. it is a very tense situation in that area right now with iran threatening to block tanker traffic in the strait of hormuz in retaliation for sanctions by countries in the west. fox news wildfire alert now. two massive wildfires burning within miles of each other in central, texas. fire crews saying both were started by lightning and then fueled by dry brush and drought conditions. right now, firefighters having a pretty difficult time getting to the scene because of the steep rocky terrain and a lack of actual paveed roads. so far, homes are not in the path of danger. well, not too far from london's olympic park, an inferno. about 7 miles away from the olympics the flames shooting up from a recycling center. at one point, people could see
4:16 pm
smoke across the city. more than 200 firefighters working the scene. the cause under investigation. we told you it did not affect the games we are told, closing ceremonies earlier in the day. reaction from the white house on two powerful earthquakes in iran. the search for survivors called off and the death toll in iran now rising. more than 250 people dead with entire villages leveled. first responders turning their attention to the 16,000 people, though, who were left homeless at this point. some strong aftershocks still hitting and the white house sending a message of sympathy to the iranian people saying in it a statement our thoughts are with the families of those lost and we wish the wounded a speedy recovery. we stand ready to offer assistance in this difficult time. the united nations offering a message of sympathy and aid should they need it. will, some important changes to tell you about now happening in egypt. the new president there ordering h his defense minister to retire along with his chief
4:17 pm
of staff. and completely can selling the military declared constitutional amendments that gave top generals powers. and that had curbed his own powers. a new defense minister appointed and sworn in just today along with a senior judge named as vice president. all these changes effective, he says, immediately. well, we watched her make so much progress since an assassination attempt nearly claimed her life. now, congressman gabby giffords with mother milestone. we will tell you about it. and the american queen steamboat a sight to see. especially when it is moving. but the mississippi river just not cooperate both drought and so little rain in that area as you know the boat with overnight passengers onboard was not rolling down the river so its owner tied it to a tree. the story broke last week. now, we know the rest of the
4:18 pm
story. and back to waukesha, wisconsin, right now. where things are heating up. some movement now toward the stage we are told and motor coaches pulling up. we don't know if in fact governor mitt romney and congressman paul ryan are in the motor coaches but people are watching at windows in anticipation. waukesha, wisconsin, the home coming for the man named on the republican ticket by mitt romney the governor running for the white house as his pick for a running mate. we're watchin watching this. when they step to the stage you will see it live on "the fox report." stay with us. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ] [ dog ] we found it together. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it.
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>> harris: and so the official introductions have begun as they welcome the crowd in waukesha, wisconsin at this hour. the home coming for congressman paul ryan since his announcement as the v.p. pick by governor mitt romney yesterday. the first time he has been back in his home state. we are watching now u.s. senator are ron johnson speak to the crowd. and he is one of three speakers who will speak first. and then they will introduce and we do know that governor mitt romney and congressman paul ryan are now there. they have arrived. i mentioned before the commercial break that motor coaches pulled up and people were watching in anticipation. they are at this event. we will see the state governor sct walker introduce we are told both mr. romney and mr. ryan. as that happens we will take you right back to this event. we wanted to give you a quick peek in and let you know things are rolling along right now in wisconsin. we will bring you other news and get right back to that as the news warrants on that. another step in the healing
4:23 pm
process for sikh worshipers in oak creek, wisconsin. terrorized by a gunman a week ago today. the temple holding its first sunday service since the suspect shot and killed six people. the prayer services were open to the public. extra security clearly visible at all times. members spent the past few days replacing carpets and repairing walls damaged by gunfire inside the temple but left one dime sized bullet hole unrepaired in memory of those who died. a major milestone for gabby gifford. she is moving home to too you son, a year and a half after this mass shooting left her severely injured. today her husband, is astronaut mark kelly going to the internet and tweeting out moving back to tucson today. gabby has been waiting for this day for a very long time. houston wheret hugh son where giffords had been receiving specialized care for her her
4:24 pm
injuries. laughner pleaded guilty just last week and was se sentencedo life in prison. the tweet that went out from mark kelly earlier today. a suspected bank robber determined to escape from police at any cost gets pretty inventive. our top story as we he go across america. california. that man looking for a getaway. apparently by trying to carjack a woman in front of the bank he allegedly robbed only minutes earlier. when a police officer stepped in the suspect took his squad car instead, setting off a high speed chase through town. this is santa maria, 30 miles northwest of l.a. he hit a pedestrian and several other vehicles before they could stop him. also in the golden state, another traffic nightmare. this time a big rig crashing into the center divider of a busy highway near los angeles. the accident backing up traffic for miles in both directions.
4:25 pm
drivers waitin waiting it out n triple digit temperatures. the california highway patrol says the driver became ill and called 911 shortly before the crash. arizona, an eerie sight in the skies over phoenix. a massive dust storm called a haboob. they get several of these a year. winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour bringing in dust and sand from the desert turning day into night. visibility reduced to less than a quarter mile making problems for drivers. tennessee. the american queen back where she belongs rolling along the mississippi river. the historic river boat on the move again after it was stranded for days last week because of extremely low river levels. the boat's owners forced to tie the massive ship to a tree. people flocking to the water you's edge for a look. >> i just was kind of surprised like what is going on, you know, this is the one that we heard about on the news. >> we were in town and we were eating lunch and decided we would come down and see he it. >> the american queen had been
4:26 pm
taking passengers on a civil is war themed river tour. the company put them up in hotels in nearby memphis and bussed them to local battlefields on their itinerary. that is a fox watch across america. >> it t. is official. congressman paul ryan is back in his home state of wisconsin since governor mitt romney named ryan as his running mate. on the stage right now rnc chairman reince priebus. this is moving along quickly. governor scott walker will be up next to introduce the romney-ryan ticket as so many people say they are excited in the audience to see as it happens we will bring it to you live. stay with us. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> harris: on stage right now in waukesha, wisconsin, the governor has introduced the families of governor mitt
4:30 pm
romney and congressman paul ryan. he says he will keep his remarks brief. let's listen in. the governor of wisconsin, let's listen. >> he made a big and a bold decision. it is not just big for wisconsin, it is a great day for all of america are because paul ryan will be a great vice president! [ applause ] >> the think about it. think about it. mitt romney has exactly the experience we need to turn america around. this is a guy who in the private sector and a lot of people in the media tried to make excuses about this, this is a leader in the private sector who stood up and turned companies around and there are thousands of people working today because of his leadership in the private sector. that is where we make jobs, not in government.
4:31 pm
[ applause ] >> and then a decade ago, you know, tonight is the last night of the olympics and i don't know about you but i have been watching the olympics over the last week and a half and it has one spectacular. remember are a decade ago in 2002 we nearly had a global embarrassment an embarrassment for the united states but mitt romney came in and saved the day and almost single handedly turned those olympics around. we have a leader who can turn things around in the private sector. he turned things around in the olympics. can he turn things around for america. [ applause ] >> and then as governor, as governor people forget this, but remember the big dig? it was a huge disaster in boston. a federal government disaster. mitt romney literally took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves and got to work like a great leader does and turned
4:32 pm
that mess around. if he can do it in government at the state level, if he can do it in the private sector and he can do it for the olympics, he can turn america around. he has the courage and experience to be the next president of the united states! [ cheers and applause ] >> with that, are you ready to hear from the next president? are you ready to hear from the next vice president of the united states? [ cheers and applause ] >> let's give a warm welcome to america's comeback team, governor mitt romney and wisconsin's own paul ryan! [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ]
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hello, mom! oh! hey. thank you, everybody! thank you, wisconsin! [ cheers and applause ] >> it is good to be home. i tell you. i love, wisconsin! [ cheers and applause ]
4:38 pm
>> i see my family over here. that is this half of the stadium. i got a lot of family. i tell you what, i love you too, man. i'm fifth generation from this state. my family came here back in the 1800s, made a go of it. it is where we have all raised our families ever since. this is such a phenomenal place to live, to work, to raise your family. [ cheers and applause ] >> i think back about, you know, the summers up at our grandparents at lake winnebago. i think about deer camp in
4:39 pm
fairchild in eau claire county. jana, our charlie and cam. we live on the block i grew up on within about ten other ryan families within 8 blocks of our home. my veins run with cheese, bratwurst and a little spot of some miller. i was raised on the packers, badgers, bucks and brewers. [ cheers and applause ] >> i like to hunt here. i like to fish her. i like to snowmobile here. i even think ice fishing is interesting. [ laughter ] >> i'm a whic wisconsinite thrh and through and i got to tell
4:40 pm
you how this means to be home. i also just want to say a great thanks to my friend scott walker. [ cheers and applause ] >> and my friend reinces i pret ibus and ron johnson. we are just guys from kenosha, oshkosh and janesville. what we learned in this state just a little while ago is that we want to elect men and women who run for office and tell us who they really are, what they really believe, what they are really going to do, and then when they get elected they do that! [ cheers and applause ]
4:41 pm
that is what we do here in wisconsin! we have seen a few elections in wisconsin lately. [ laughter ] >> we are ready. we are tested. we put these ideas out there. we implemented it. our leaders fix the problems in madison. and we as voters said keep doing it. [ cheers and applause ] >> on june 5, courage was on the ballot in wisconsin and courage won. [ cheers and applause ] >> we wisconsinites we saved wisconsin that day. and on november 6, we wisconsinites will help save america that day.
4:42 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> usa! usa! usa! usa! >> friends, i see so many familiar faces in this audience he. it is just aid mazing. -- it is just amazing. >> we are all family, brother. >> we are all family, brother. and that wasn't my brother who said that actually. [ laughter ] >> we have a very critical decision to make in this country. we are at that proverbial fork in the road in america. the president came ito office with so much hope offering so much change. he got the power he wanted. he got his party in control. he passed almost every item on his agenda.
4:43 pm
it is law now. and now we are seeing the results. a country with a healthcare system that is about to be taken over. a country with four years of trillion dollars deficits. [crowd booing] >> a country in economic stagnation. the worst economic recovery in 70 years. the largest deficit and the biggest government since world war ii. nearly one in six americans are in poverty today. the highest rate in a generation. you know what? we are not going to take that! we are going to turn this thing around! [ cheers and applause ] >> the good you news is this -- we can do this. we can turn this around. we can get this economy turned around. we can get people back to work. and most importantly, i look at
4:44 pm
my kids, sam, i'm over here. [ laughter ] >> i look at my kids -- it has been a long day for him. i look at my kids and i want them to have the kind of future that i had. that is what my dad always told me. thiin this country every generation fixes their problems and makes things better and leaves their kids better off. it is our duty to save the american dream for our children. >> so we have a big choice to make. and if we look at the path that we are on, if we look at all of the things that the president has been doing, more government. more regulations. the promise of a lot more taxes on successful small businesses.
4:45 pm
we see a president who took what we pioneered here in wisconsin, tommy thompson, welfare reform, getting people off of welfare, back to work, lives of dignity and personal responsibility on to a life of hitting their potential. if this president is going to do these kinds of things in a very difficult to tough electir imagine what he would do if he never has to face the voters ever again. you know what? we are not going to find out. [ cheers and applause ] >> so here is our choice. we can either stick with the politics of the past, with dividing, with distorting, with distracting. we can put ourselves on the
4:46 pm
path toward a welfare state with a debt crisis where we now see the government's role as not promoting equal opportunity and protecting our natural rights but giving us new government granted rights. putting the government in charge. running our society. driving our economy. picking winners and losers. equalizing the outcomes. this country is so special. this state is so special. it is so special because it is the only country founded on an idea. it is very special. and that idea in a nut shell it is in the declaration of independence. our rights come from nature and god, not from government! [ cheers and applause ] >> so here is our choice. do we want that opportunity
4:47 pm
society with a safety net, the land of upward mobility where people can make the most of their lives, where they can get ahead or do we want to go down the path of debt, doubt and despair? do we want to copy europe? no! it is going to take leadership. it is going to take courage. it is going to take another election just like we had in 2010 to get this right. and when we do, we will look back at this moment in 2013 as the day our generation fixed it so the american idea was turned back on and our children had a brighter future. [ cheers and applause ] >> as you now know, i have spent some time with this man lately. we need a man of integrity. we need a leader of principle. we need somebody who has a
4:48 pm
bedrock of principles. a moral compass. a vision for the country. and the experience, the expertise to put that vision into place. those are the things that describe this man, mitt romney! [ cheers and applause ] >> mitt! mitt! mitt! mitt! mitt! >> when you see how this man, how warm he is to his family, to his associates, when you see the successes he has achieved, raising a beautiful family, working hard creating small businesses, turning around struggling businesses, creating jobs, this is a person who has a life experience who knows that if you have a small business you did built that!
4:49 pm
-- you did build that! this is a man who when the olympics was struggling and failing the country called him to serve and revive it and he made us all proud by running the olympics and saving it. this is a man who as governor worked across the aisle, got things done, balanced the budget without raising taxes, increased employment, increased the credit rating, and increased household incomes by providing leadership! [ cheers and applause ] >> this is a special moment for us our family, for all of us because we are all family. this is it. this is the election. we owe you our fellow citizens the choice. so you get to decide what kind of country you want to have.
4:50 pm
wakened of people do we want to be? we want to have the kind of an election where we earn your support. where we win an election because you said go fix the mess in washington so when we win this election we go fix this mess in washington! [ cheers and applause ] this. >> this is an exceptional nation. this is the greatest idea. there is no other system that has done more to help the poor, to help spread opportunity, to help people rise up and make something of their lives than the american system of freedom and free enterprise. >> amen! >> we have a leader here who understands that. who more importantly, knows how to deliver that. that is our contract with you. ladies and gentlemen, we are going to do this. we are going to turn these
4:51 pm
things around. guess what? this man, his name is mitt romney. and he is going to be the next president of the united states! united states of america! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. jana, what a welcome. for aat a home coming tore a terrific guy. my goodness, paul, i guess you think i made the right decision, the right choice? [ cheers and applause ] i know i did. this is our second day on the campaign trail. this is another big step to
4:52 pm
restore the promise of america. people ask me he why i chose paul ryan. the answer is i wanted someone who was a leader. leadership comes from character. this is is man who has real character who loves america. who has passion for america. who understands what it takes to get america on the right track and this leader is going to help get america strong! >> usa! usa! usa! >> what about the workers at senthada? >> i know when most people go to washington, d.c. they go filled with ambition. he had a different career in mind yet he decided that america needed to have someone who would go to washington not thinking about how to beat on other people, instead he would go there to make a real difference and a man who
4:53 pm
recognizes that people who have differences of opinion if they are honest those diving for can be honest.rences he reached across the aisle and did so with dignity in respect. he is a man in washington liked, recognized, acknowledged, seen as an intellectual leader and respected. as vice president of the united states this man will be respected by people across the nation and across the world! [ cheers and applause ] >> this is a critical time. you know this is a critical time for the country. you are here tonight to celebrate the selection of an extraordinary guy to be our nominee for vice president. but you also know this is a time of great seriousness for the nation. we have 23 million people out of work. 23 million people. >> usa earthquake usa!
4:54 pm
usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! >> you see, young man, this group here is respectful of other people's rights to be heard. and you ought to find yourself a different place to be disruptive because here we believe in listening to people with dignity and respect. [ cheers and applause ] >> look, there is no question but that if you follow the campaign of barack obama he is going to do everything in his to make this the lowest meanest negative campaign in history. we are not going to let that
4:55 pm
happen. this is a campaign about ideas. about the future of america. a campaign about greatness and america's future for your children, for the world. mr. president take your campaign out of the gutter and let's talk about the real issues that america faces. [ cheers and applause ] people in america are hurting right now. the middle class is struggling right now the. incomes have dropped by $4,000 per are family under this president. healthcare premiums have gone up by $2,500. utility costs are up. gasoline prices are up. people are having a hard time. they want to know if america is going to come back. it is. if it gets new leadership! >> i'm going to do five things. paul ryan and i are going to work together to get five things done thatle get our economy roaring back. number one, we will take advantage of our energy resources. our wind.
4:56 pm
our solar. as well as nuclear, oil, gas, coal. [ cheers and applause ] >> number two, we are are going make sure that our kids and our workers have the skills they need to succeed and by the way we are going to put work back into welfare. [ cheers and applause ] number three, we are going to have trade that works for america and that means we are going to open up new markets for our goods but it means when people cheat like china has there will be consequences! [ cheers and applause ] >> number four, we are going to do something that paul has been fighting to do for years now. when we have republicans in the house and senate when we have the white house we are going to finally cut federal spending, stop the borrowing and get america on track to a balanced budget! [ cheers and applause ]
4:57 pm
>> and number five, we are going champion small business. we are going to help small businesses grow and thrive! i couldn't believe it the other day when i saw that quote that paul just mentioned of the president's in virginia. i couldn't believe he actually said that. you heard what he said. if you have a business you didn't build it, someone else did that. [crowd booing] and then he said it is not fair you took me out of context. go on youtube by the way and read the context and you will find the context is worse than the quote, all right. he says in there you know if you have been successful, why you may think it is because you are smart but there are a lot of smart people and you may think it is because you are working hard but there are a lot of people who work hard. i couldn't figure out where he was going with this. you see in this country we welcome and celebrate people
4:58 pm
who reach, who dream, who aspire, who achieve. that is the nature of how america works. when the guy or gal comes home from the factory and says you know what i took that class at the community college and i got some more skills, i just got a promotion, we celebrate that and acknowledge what they accomplished. when the kid comes home and says i made the honor roll and we know how hard they worked we say we celebrate that child's achievement and say way to go. you made that happen. now, i know, i know that for them to make the homeru honor l they had to ride on the bus to get to the school and there was a bus driver but if the kid makes the honor roll, he or she gets the credit, not the bus driver. [ cheers and applause ] >> this country is going come roaring back. we do those five things with real leadership and you will see america's economy come back
4:59 pm
and create great jobs, more take-home pay you will be son convinced that the future is bright for your children than even what we enjoyed. i know that because i see the spirit of america across this it land. one thing that gives me perhaps the greatest confidence in our future is that there lies within the heart of the american people, republican, democrat, independent, men or women, people from the cities or suburbs or rural communities, there lies in our heart a patriotism and conviction that america is an exceptional nation and a great nation. [ cheers and applause ] >> and ann leaned over to me as paul was speaking. we were all moved, by the way, at the welcome you gave him. we were touched and tears filled my eyes. i looked at ann and tears were in his eyes. paul, jana felt the sa


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